Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Nashville

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Top 10 Most Haunted Places in Nashville - Photo

If you are a fan of paranormal, Nashville is the place to go. Why? Well, to make it easy to understand, this city has been around for longer than you might think. The longer that a city has been around, the more stories it has to tell. The more stories it has to tell, the more spirits there are still hanging around. We are going to talk about the ten most haunted places in the city. These places have been around for a long time. If you are ever in Nashville and love paranormal, you should visit a few of these places on the list. Not only are they full of paranormal activity, but they are also full of adventure and history. These places are old and hold a lot of historical value to the city. You may just get to encounter a ghostly presence along the way!

10. Ryman Auditorium


The auditorium was first opened as a Union Gospel Tabernacle in 1892. After the Tabernacle, it was known as the Grand Ole Opry. It seats 2,363 people. This auditorium was best-known for being home to the Grand Ole Opry from 1943 to 1974.

The auditorium is a National Historic Place. This occurred in 1971 and was considered a historical landmark in 2001. It was considered a landmark because of the role it played in country music popularization.

While there is a lot of history here, there are supposedly several spirits that haunt this building. However, with that being said, the most commonly seen is a man on the balcony. People describe this man as a shadow figure. This building is still used today by performers. People who are staff and those who perform often report seeing this shadow up there during their rehearsals. However, no one knows who the man is or why he keeps lingering around this Auditorium. Another well-known spirit is that of Hank Williams Sr. He can be seen wandering around backstage.

9. Two Rivers Mansion


You will find that this is an antebellum country home. It is one of the most elaborate and last homes that were built in the Nashville region. Plus, it remains one of the best-preserved as well. This mansion was built by a man named David McGavock back in 1859. He built it for his bride before the Civil War. The house would not be finished until 1870. This home would be handed down from generation to generation. It wasn’t until 1965 that the last heir to the home had died.

The property was then purchased by the government and county. This is fourteen acres. It holds the mansion built and the oldest brick home.

There is paranormal activity that occurs inside the mansion, however, this is a mysterious case. No one knows who or what is behind the haunting and no one knows why the property is haunted. Despite the lack of information, there is quite a lot of paranormal activity that occurs. People see lights going on and off when there is no one in the building and shadows that will go by the windows. Another common occurrence is phantom footsteps and even cold spots.

8. Pegram County Cemetery


In 1970, developers decided to bulldoze an area. This area was located along the Harpeth River. They wanted to build a housing estate. However, the land that they had dug up, included the Pegram Family Cemetery. This cemetery was destroyed.

The dirt that they had removed was sold. This soil was used all over Cheatham and Davidson county. It was a few years after the homes were built that the water rose and destroyed them. At this time several coffins rose. These were not removed during the building process.

It has been said that ever since this incident, this area has alarming flooding rates. The town is also known for having serious financial hardships. This has led people to believe that the land that was demolished was cursed.

Some unusual things that happen are fires that happen and reignite just after being put out and random tombstones appearing in their yards.

7. Isaac Franklin Plantation


Issac Franklin was a well-known and successful slave trader. With that being said, he wasn’t the most pleasant person to be around. He was considered a brutal man and all his slaves were to be chained at all times. The plantation was then a historical landmark in 1977. Later, this was a golf course and the title would be withdrawn in 2005. However, the grounds are very haunted. It is believed that some of the slaves that were involved with Franklin are haunting the grounds today.

6. The Hermitage


The Hermitage was the home of Andrew Jackson. This was the seventh president of the United States. He was known to have a fiery temper that was followed by a determined attitude. He would always get his way. This is why you may assume that even after death, he would not want to leave his home.

Many people state that they see a man who fits the description of Mr. Jackson wandering around the halls. Can you say creepy?

5. Bell Witch Cave


If you are anyone, you have heard of this cave. This cave can be found in Adams which is very close to Nashville. The story begins as such.

There was a feud that was happening between the two neighbors, Kate Batts and John Bell. It was said that Kate would torture John’s daughter for several years. These were years when she was a young girl. It was said that Kate did this because she felt like she was cheated by John during a deal they had made on land.

It was said that when Kate was on her deathbed, she was practicing witchcraft. During this time, she swore she would haunt the Bell family for all eternity.

Andrew Jackson had visited this land and believed that it was cursed. He spent one night and decided this. He stated he would rather face the entire British Army instead of spending another night with the Witch.

This farm has since been torn down for several safety reasons. However, those who visit the cave state that they can hear rattling chains and knocking. There are also reports of strange animals in the area of the cave.

4. Tennessee State Capitol


You would never believe that the beautiful state capitol was one of the most haunted places in Nashville. However, if you visit this beautiful building, you may find the sound of arguing.

Samuel Morgan and William Strickland were not great with one another. They would argue constantly. Many people believe that they did not give up this arguing after they passed on. Their spirits can be heard shouting back and forth and the echoes can be heard around the entire building. This may be occurring because these two men were buried on the land of the capitol. Strickland is located on the northeastern wall of the land and Morgan can be found on the southeast corner near the southern entrance.

Keep in mind that William Strickland was the architect who designed the beautiful building and Samuel Morgan was the chairman of the building who oversaw the construction of the Capitol. You can only imagine the number of disagreements and arguments that occurred.

3. Gaylord Opryland Resort


You may look at this resort and see a beautiful and stunning complex. It has 2,888 rooms. This makes it one of the thirty largest hotels throughout the world. It is very luxurious, however, look beyond the beauty and you will find a much darker tale.

This is the story of the Black Lady. Locals of Nashville know this story by heart. It is said that a woman will dress in a very large black dress that would be worn from the Antebellum period. This woman sounds like she would be awful. While she may look terrifying and sound terrifying, she does not cause any harm to the guests of the hotel.

The staff that often sees her claim that she watches over the guest that stay there. She will watch them as they go throughout the property. Many people call her a babysitter because she is harmless and watches over guests.

2. Union Station Hotel


This hotel was once a railroad station. This was the purpose when the building was built in 1899. However, in 1986, it would be converted into a hotel. This was then a well-known part of the city. It is known for its beauty but also the dark side of the tale as well.

There have been numerous reports of paranormal activity, including poltergeist. This has been reported since the opening of the hotel. People believe that this activity is due to a young woman who had lost her husband during WWII. It is said that she had killed herself by jumping off the balcony of the hotel. It is said that you can see her taking her fatal leap.

1. Tennessee State Prison


This is considered one of the most haunted places in the state of Tennessee.

This facility once used the electric chair. It is said that you can still hear the screams of those who were executed with it. This structure is now abandoned.

The structure was built in 1898. It served not only as a prison but also a set of a movie. Some movies include Ernest Goes to Jail and The Green Mile.

When the prison was in use, it was known for riots, jailbreaks, and overcrowding. If you enter the building today you can feel cold spots, hear phantom footsteps, and even see apparitions. Not to mention, the randomly slamming doors.